Our Story

Woods Works, LLC is a custom cabinetry company founded by Michael Woods and his family. Michael has been in the residential and light commercial building and remodeling industry for 20 years.

Michael started in the building sciences in high school and went to work at a lumber yard shortly after graduating. In 1999, he married his lovely wife Sara, and they started a building and remodeling company. At age 22, he built his first home for a customer. Since that time he has been involved in most every aspect of residential building, from concrete to finish work.

In 2007, Michael founded The Window & Door Store in Bismarck, ND. He, with his team, grew the business from scratch to one of the largest of its kind in North Dakota. In 2013, he sold his share of the company to partners.

Michael’s commitment to excellence is what drives him. He and his team strive to bring that commitment to Woods Works customers every day.

We understand. We get you.

We believe you want certain things in life. And, when it comes to building or improving your home or business, you want someone to trust. Someone that will treat it better than if it was theirs.

You want someone that believes in craftsmanship and good value. Like our Grandpa always said, “Build it right the first time. It’ll pay off in the long haul.”

That’s who we’re striving to be.

Here’s What We Value

  1. Commitment. We’re not afraid to make big promises. We will have the people, products, and systems to deliver on those promises.
  2. Personal Responsibility. Sometimes bad things happen. We will always own up to mistakes or misfortune. We learn from them but never make excuses or cast blame.
  3. Contribution. We refuse to be self-centered and self-serving. We realize our survival depends on our service to God, to our community, and to others.
  4. Focus. Someone once said, “Keep the main thing the main thing.” Our ability to focus on the needs of our customers and fellow team members will bring the most effective rewarding results.
  5. Honesty. We value honesty and truth above money or popularity. We will say what we mean and mean what we say.
  6. Honor. We will respect our customers and their homes. We will honor our fellow team members as well as competing companies.
  7. Trust. No man is self made. We need God and we need each other. Our strength and growth will depend on our ability to trust.
  8. Abundance. There’s enough to go around! We will be diligent in business but will not compromise our values to “get ahead”.
  9. Boldness. We will have the courage to do the right thing in all situations. Fear is normal but we will not let it dictate our direction and focus.
  10. Knowledge. We will maintain a “Beginner’s Mind.” Continual learning and applying knowledge brings value to our customer, fellow team members, and to our personal lives.